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Scubaspot Pro

5.37 usd

Scubaspot for Android allows you to find thousands of dive spots all over the world using your mobile phone and GPS. When started Scubaspot tries to find dive spots near you and displays them on a map, but it also allows you to find dive spots on your vacation destination. You can read about the diving conditions such as, depth, currents, hazards, way of entry. You tell all your friends via social media, that you are diving at that particular spot! Linking to Wikipedia for details on ship wrecks and other information.Scubaspot allows you to; -locate and lookup dive spots all over the world-get details on diving conditions-add a dive spot
The pro version doen't have adds, works offline and allows you to filter dive spots on name, country etc. The pro version will also display the latitude and longitude for a divespot.